Soft Tissue Radiographs

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Many of us know that radiograph show us bones and other dense objects (such as metals or very dense plastics Fido may have eaten) but did you know that they can also be used to see some soft tissue. Most often dyes are needed to highlight the organs we want to see. In stomach and bowel issues barium is fed to the pet which will contrast the entire gastrointestinal system through a series of radiographs, but that’s another blog. :0


In this case we injected a dye into a vein in Deuce’s leg so that we could visualize his kidneys. Deuce is one of Valerie’s dogs and has had some urinary issues. Dr. Madge wanted to see if his kidneys were made correctly so we did an intravenous pyeloram (IVP). This is where a clear dye is injected in a vein and through a series of radiographs we can watch the kidney’s process and eventually eliminate the dye from the body. The dye is clear in color and harmless to the dog but when it is radiographed it is concentrated in the kidney and “lights up” the organ allowing us to see it. Mid-procedure a tight wrap was applied over his bladder to slow the dye down a bit in the kidneys. This allows the kidneys, ureters (the tubes connecting the kidney to the bladder) and the bladder to be visualized in the same view. We took x-rays before giving him the dye, right after giving him the dye, 10 minutes after applying a wrap and another 15 minuets after removing the wrap.

It is a painless procedure and Deuce was a trooper. Though he was sure he couldn’t walk when he had the wrap on. The good news is that his kidneys, ureters, and bladder looked perfect and we got a neat radiograph of organs we don’t usually get to see.



Right after the dye was injected. You can see the catheter that was used to inject the dye.


This is one of the radiographs taken while the wrap is in place. Can you identify the kidney, ureter, and bladder? See below for the answers.




Wrap applied, waiting on next set of radiographs.



“Oh Mom why to do make me do these things?”




Did you find all three parts?